You can use Coremailcalendar to clearly and properly arrange your work and life. Besides, your meeting arrangement, family activity, friend gathering and other information in calendar can be manually synchronized among all terminals, such as mobile phone, tablet PC and notebook.

• All-terminal synchronization:personal calendar data synchronization can be realized in server (Webmail), computer client (outlook) and smart terminals (mobile phone and tablet PC).

• Event reminder:you can see all events in calendar of mobile phone/ tablet PC and be reminded timely. In such way, you will not miss any important event.

• Meeting management:you can send a meeting invitation to all participants. Participantswill respond to the invitation. The system will immediately feed the result back to your mailbox no matter the invitation is rejected or accepted.

• Schedule share:if you have a secretary or assistant to help you to manage schedule, you can authorize him/her to visit or edit your schedule, such as create schedule, initiate meeting invitation, replay meeting invitation etc.